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Our Goal

Maximize the efficiency of your change project and reduce your investment costs so you can reap the expected benefits of your transformation.

What we believe

Whether you plan a new transformation journey or you are already on your way, we know that understanding who you are as a company is pivotal for change and growth.

This understanding assists in being more precise and focused – and more successful – as you discern exactly where to direct your efforts.

Our Approach

Our approach enables you to align your transformation project with your company’s corporate identity, and accelerates the buy-in of your workforce to your venture.

With Changyzer you will experience growth opportunities that transcend traditional change management.

It is far beyond delivering a transformation project. It is about creating value that resonates throughout your organization.


How we support our Clients

We have developed cutting-edge tools, methodologies and expertise to provide you with the leverage you need to acquire more relevant data, broaden your field of vision and gain greater depth of field, empowering you to make insightful decisions.

We have devised a structured 5-step approach, which we refer to as MARRS

  1. Meeting – First things first : we understand your context, challenges, and aspirations.
  2. Analysis – We delve into the heart of your organization, gathering and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative data on your corporate identity and change project.
  3. Reconciliation – We confront findings with you to establish connections, identify opportunities, grasp similarities or dissimilarities, bring coherence.
  4. Recommendations and operational proposals – We provide actionable insights and strategies to drive change where you have put your focus.
  5. Support – Our team stands by your side, offering coaching to your managers and executives involved.

Contact Us

If you want to learn more about how we can help you hit your target at your lowest possible cost :
+41 22 362 1090 | +41 79 750 3149
Avenue Henri-Dunant 3, CH-1205 Genève